9284 Skyfall Drive
Ooltewah, Tennessee 37363



Come meet the neighbors.

Come to a place where homes are built to be used, loved, cherished and kept. Where neighbors are as interesting as the places they call home. Where you have a hard time determining where the park stops and your home begins. This is your home.


This is one of the first communities that offer brand new luxury homes maintenance free, in an unparalleled location. The demand for this product has been so strong that it led to the specific acquisition and creation of Skyfall. After years of home ownership, maybe the time in your life has come where you don’t want the hassle of maintenance and constant upkeep. At Skyfall we do all of that for you, all you have to do is come home and relax and be one of the few fortunate people who will get to call this community home.


Skyfall is modeled to evoke a European back country feel. Lanterns flank the front porch that overlooks common green spaces. The homes are all linked together by walking paths and common spaces. We have left plenty of room for that garden you’ve always wanted or just be able to be in the heart of East Tennessee and still enjoy the vast canopy of southern hardwoods. The interiors feature hardwood floors, fireplaces, open living areas with large owner’s suites and custom craftsmanship.  These homes are designed with the highest level of detail and quality that one would expect in a better living community like Skyfall.  It is the full intent to deliver to our clients all of the best amenities, a nostalgic environment at an affordable price.  This new tradition in communities is better known as a pocket neighborhood and is becoming wildly successful across the Country.


All of the exterior of the homes, green spaces and gathering areas are maintained by the Skyfall Association.


What makes Skyfall a Maintenance-Free Community?

Skyfall is a single-family, pocket community whereby you will own your own home fee simple. The association of Skyfall will own and maintain all of the land surrounding the 37 homes. This ensures the overall maintenance of walkways, driveways, landscape, yards, weeding pruning etc. The only responsibility you, as the owner have is the interior upkeep of your home. This not only enables us to offer you a hassle free community but one that is kept up to a specific standard across the board. No more concern for that one owner that doesn’t seem to maintain to the level of all others. We have created this community to provide you all of the pleasure of owning a single family home without the hassle and worry of exterior maintenance.


Why is this a benefit?

The benefit to the owner is the fact that you are not responsible for any exterior maintenance of the grounds. The other real benefit is the long term value and overall look of the community. I have been involved with enough projects to know that there is always one person that does not maintain their grounds to the level of all others. This design prohibits that from being a factor. It also allows ALL of the grounds to be maintained on a set day of the week to keep consistency and to prevent yards being mowed, or workers being on site, different days of the week. Our desire is to have a community that looks better 10 years from now than it did the day it was completed.


Nestled on in the Pine Bend watershed beneath White Oak Mountain you’ll find Skyfall, a new residential community designed to embrace all the beauty that nature has to offer. Perhaps it’s fitting that the oak tree is often defined as being “wise and elegant.” A perfect description for custom homes built within the organic, secluded surroundings. Upon arrival to the old Chicago brick entry gate, you’re welcomed with a magnificent canopy of lush shade trees that frame a cobblestone path, carefully integrated in to the existing environment. After taking a moment to catch your breath you say to yourself, “I could definitely live here.” Imagine… tranquil meadow and mountain vista views, garden and park like surroundings, private first class amenities, and a secure environment for your family to live and create memories together.


With over half a mile of walking and fit trails, community swings, benches and fire pits Skyfall offers a lifestyle like no other. Home sites are large enough to accommodate courtyards, outdoor kitchens, and gardens so each home connects with its natural setting. An environment well suited for the community’s back country architecture that accentuates the style and grandeur of the south. Skyfall is thoughtfully designed around southern magnolias, oaks, and long-leaf pines, leaving much of the property untouched, timeless, and awe-inspiring. Come and explore a place where every detail still matters, come take a closer look at these handcrafted homes and see why Skyfall is a community built for “Better Living”.


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